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Donations to the Rescue a Reef program help fund the ongoing effort to restore coral reef populations in South Florida.

Here is how your donation can be put to work:
$10+: Funds the outplanting of one nursery-reared staghorn coral to a local reef
$100: Funds the outplanting of 10 nursery-reared staghorn corals to a local reef
$1,000: Your donation will support the outplanting of 100 corals onto a local reef to create a unique, living site. As a thank you, you will have the opportunity to name your rescued site!

Donate today at or contact us at to learn more about additional sponsorship opportunities.

Any donation amount is helpful and greatly appreciated!

Click the ‘Rescue a Reef’ Button here.

Tax Deductible — The University of Miami is a Florida not-for-profit corporation and all donations are tax deductible as appropriate by law.